“About a year ago, I started to notice how poorly I was feeling day to day.  I was having symptoms of IBS, hypothyroidism, fatigue, heartburn, aches and pains, allergies and skin problems (and I’m only in my 30s!).  I reached out to Rachel Abbett as a health coach after seeing my primary care physician, three dermatologists, a chiropractor and a naturopath.  She immediately put together the symptoms that others had missed and suggested that I consider an elimination diet to investigate my food allergies.  We ended up focusing on a gluten-free diet that has helped alleviate the majority of my symptoms.  After receiving her guidance in that department, she went further to introduce me to several new cookbook authors that really expanded my repertoire in the kitchen allowing a gluten-free lifestyle to be a joy and not a punishment.  She lovingly helped me ‘mourn’ my gluten comfort foods and helped introduce a new attitude of experimentation and food exploration.  She has suggested so many new things for me to try and some of them are now my favorite go-to dishes during the week.

Rachel also introduced me to kombucha and taught me to make my own at home (even providing the entire setup and my first SCOBY).  My gut has been happier ever since.  I am now a religious brewer and drink my own kombucha daily.  It has helped with my digestion and soothed heartburn that once required medication.

I know without a doubt that working with Rachel has lead me and my family to be much healthier, and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”