“It was my breastfeeding journey with my first born that lead me to Rachel’s services. I had just learned that my son was suffering from silent reflux. Coupled with a laundry list of dietary sensitivities, I was struggling with what to eat and with coping as an exhausted new mom. Rachel took my sob story, rather my medical history, and transformed my daily approach to life. I was skeptical to say the least. It sounded far too crunchy for my liking. However, it wasn’t just me needing Rachel’s guidance. I needed to do this for my son, too.

When the oxygen masks drop in an airplane, you are instructed to put yours on first before helping others. Over the next few months, I tackled my own health head on with Rachel cheering me on from the sidelines. I reflected on how foods made me feel and on the energies in my life. My individual coaching sessions helped me to care for myself in order to care for my family.

If you’re reading this testimonial, you’re wondering how Rachel can help you. I can’t tell you how she’ll help you because you aren’t me. That’s just it. Rachel tailors her approach with each person as the rightful individual you are. I attribute much of the success of my breastfeeding journey to Rachel’s coaching. For that, I am eternally thankful for Rachel, and I highly recommend her health coaching services to anyone struggling with righting their course.