A Dairy free day

You got this!

What does a day of dairy-free eating look like? Check out this sample menu.

Chocolate-Banana Smoothie

2 c. almond milk
2 frozen bananas
1/2 avocado
2 T. raw cacao
1 T. almond butter
2 probiotic capsules

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix until smooth. Serve with a straw.

Sausage and Fennel Bean Soup

2 t. olive oil
2 chicken sausage links, sliced into bite-sized pieces
½ c. onion, chopped
½ bulb fennel, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 t. dried oregano
¼ t. dried sage
2 qts chicken broth or stock*
1 15-oz can Great Northern beans,drained and rinsed
½ c. dry quinoa, soaked 24 hrs
2 c. kale, chopped
salt and pepper

1. Heat oil in a large heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat. Add chopped sausage and cook 3 minutes, stirring frequently until sausage is browned on all sides.

2. Add onion, fennel, garlic, oregano and sage, stirring to combine. Pour in broth and beans and bring to a boil.

3. Add quinoa, partially cover and cook approx 8 minutes, until tender.

4. Remove from heat and stir in kale. Cover and let steam 1 minute. Season with salt and pepper.

Beef with Broccoli

1T. olive oil
1/4 t. grated ginger
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 lb. ground beef
1T. maple syrup
1/4 c. soy sauce, tamari or coconut aminos
1 T. sesame oil
1/4 t. crushed red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste
1 broccoli crown, cut and steamed

Heat oil and saute ginger and garlic until fragrant. Add ground beef and brown completely. In a bowl, combine the syrup, tamari, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Pour mixture over beef and cook for an additional 3-5 minutes. Serve over riced cauliflower or brown rice and top with broccoli.

Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

1 c. shredded coconut
1 medium carrot
10 dates, pitted
1/8 c. raisins
1 T. almond butter
1/8 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. vanilla extract
sprinkle of Himalayn sea salt

Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until well combined and slightly sticky. Roll mixture into bite-sized balls. My favorite way to do this is with two round measuring spoons, silimar in size. Store bliss balls in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

And start living healthy TODAY