Summer Radiance

If there’s one time of day that sabotages a solid effort toward clean eating (and smooth skin) for me, it’s that window between lunch and dinner. Whether it’s coffee drinks or cupcakes, indulging these cravings can leave you with a cascade of ill effects from head to toe. Our faces can read like road maps of poor food choices. As if you didn’t already feel shame in the moment. Who needs that reminder two and three days later?

But what if, instead of mindlessly popping little sugar bombs (or salty ones – to each his own), we pause for a moment and try decoding those cravings? What are our bodies really telling us? I’ll give you a clue – you can stop beating yourself up for lack of willpower. Our bodies just want nutrients. We can’t help that our brains mistakenly think those nutrients lie in a cracker or a pint of beer.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, can I give you some advice? Make this the summer you become a Nutritarian. Really focus on fueling your body – and your beauty – with a rainbow of real food.

Are you in? Then check out these 6 must-have solutions for brightening your skin and dialing up that radiance through Labor Day and beyond!

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Omega 3’s have been shown to squelch out inflammation. If you are struggling with acne, eczema, or rosacea think pastured eggsgrass-fed beef and walnuts.  But don’t buy just any eggs; the results from this Mother Earth News egg testing project have shown just how inferior conventional grocery store eggs are compared to those from pasture-raised, happy hens. It’s time to recognize your local farm as one of your skin’s biggest allies.

5 Signs You May Have Adrenal Fatigue

The dreaded 3pm slump. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone seeking a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar at this bewitching hour, promising myself I’ll abide by a 10pm bedtime. But what’s the point when you’re tossing and turning for over an hour? Getting out of bed the next morning feels impossible, and when you do, the brain fog is so dense you can’t help but wonder, “Am I depressed? I don’t think I’m depressed, but…”

Vicious cycle, right?

It happens to those with the best of intentions – the go-getters, the supermoms, the dedicated employees. The good news? There’s one little walnut-sized commonality to that cycle: your adrenals.

Think of your adrenal glands like little sponges that sit on top of your kidneys. With assistance from cortisol they modulate your body’s response to stress. The problem is that our current high-paced lifestyles are ringing out these little sponges and leaving them chronically depleted. This can lead to fatigue, hypoglycemia, sleep disruptions and mild depression, to name a few.

But won’t stressing about my adrenal health lead to compromised adrenal health? I know, I know. Seems counterproductive. The good news is there are plenty of ways to replenish those adrenals. First we need to assess the situation and then we can quickly move on to whether your precious energy should be diverted toward nurturing them.

Healthy Superfood Shamrock Shake

If your childhood was anything like mine St. Patrick’s Day meant a pilgrimage to McDonald’s for their annual offering of Shamrock Shakes. Now that we know McDonald’s is hazardous to our health does that mean no more minty green drinks? Heck no!

If the heartstrings of tradition are still pulling for you to drive toward the golden arches, check out my healthy superfood version of this cult classic.